Democracy prevents the institute of nations from promoting peace among peoples.

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Democracy prevents the institute
of nations from promoting peace among peoples.
The case of southern Sahara Morocco is a striking example, a
paradox that has lasted for over 40 years and is likely to
continue. Why opt for the extension of Minurso when it is
empossible to arrive at a solution other than that proposed by
Morocco? and, if Morocco passes the Israeli scenario and applies
it refusing any ingerance in its territorial space

United Nations Icone Mimouni
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The Polisario's refusal is mainly motivated by the illegal profits that the leaders of the Separatist Front are making thanks to an overestimation of the number of refugees and, consequently, more important humanitarian aid. Politically, Algeria does not hold the census (the last date of 1974). Financially neither, because the special effects allow massive diversions. In 1978, Algeria spoke of 5000 refugees In the 1980s, the Polisario claims 300,000 people while some NGOs acquired to his cause advance the astonishing figure of 700,000 refugees. Since the mid-1990s, both the Polisario and the Algerian authorities estimate the Saharawi population of the camps at 165,000 people. Nobody is fooled, UNHCR and the World Food Program set this figure at 90000 refugees in 2005. It was probably around 40000.

Le refus du Polisario est principalement motive par les profits illegaux que les dirigeants du Front separatiste operent grâce à une surestimation du nombre de refugies et, par voie de consequence une aide humanitaire plus importante. » Politiquement, l’Algerie ne tient pas au recensement (le dernier date de 1974). Financierement non plus, parce que les trucages permettent des detournements massifs. En 1978, l'Algerie parlait de 5000 refugies Dans les annees 1980, le Polisario revendique 300000 personnes alors que certaines ONG acquises a� sa cause avancent le chiffre ahurissant de 700000 refugies. Depuis le milieu des annees 1990, tant le Polisario que les autorites algeriennes estiment la population sahraouie des camps a 165000 personnes. Personne n'est dupe, le HCR et le Programme alimentaire mondial fixent ce chiffre a� 90000 refugies en 2005. Il devait sans doute avoisinner les 40000
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