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Jamal khashaggi and Hatice cengiz
Why Jamal Khashoggi and not another? Khashoggi simple journalist who founded his fame on the criticism of his country as tens of thousands of others in this world. Every day opposing journalists are arrested, judged and sentenced in those very countries that today are coming together in coalition to defend Khoshaggi and not another.

The Berber nomads genius and know-how
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There are some milinaires, the first arrived in North Africa, were nomadic Berbers, had opted for the heights, mountains of high Atals, far from the ocean coast coveted by pyrates, merchants travelers and colonial explorers. The Amazigh Berber people were totally autonomous. They made absolutely all the tools and accessories he needed from
the plow to the necessary for the construction of forts and palaces in red earth

Biological products of Morocco agricol
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Agadir Chtouka Ait Baha. An area among the richest in Morocco, citrus fruits, vegetables, organic fruits and fish are among the gifts of this region.A population of more than 400,000 citizens not counting the tens of thousands of seasonal laborers men and women who land in the region including hundreds of illegal immigrants or legal Africans 3500 square kilometers of surface, 22 communes, the world refuge of the mythical argan tree of Morocco
Tamazight women from Chleuh region
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In this region, the Tamazight woman (berbere) has long left her environment to integrate into modern Moroccan society, obtain diplomas, travel and settle abroad or create a business almost all cooperatives of Chtouka are managed or founded by women, honey, argan oil, products of beauty and fashion

Discover pristine nature and welcoming residents
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it's still possible today to find regions in the ancient state
Thus, the traveler can still see and live in the ancient and real nature, spend holidays with local families on the spot, visit inaccessible areas with the mule, walk in treck or simply rest and enjoy nature and bilogic products on the spot
discover the true ancestral nature The mountains of the high atlas, the difficulties to build roads in steep areas have saved many parts of Morocco from being shaped by modernization
customs and traditions
Ait Hdiddou or when beauty integrates with nature
The dress
Ait Hdidou Imilchil (women) is composed of a gandoura said Akidour covered with a large white cloth retained by chest fibulae, white trousers, amber necklace, silk scarf called tasbniyt, held on the head by cordeli silk red and green color ornaments silver glitter.

Oasis of Tighermite in region Goulimine Morocco
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Formerly, Guelmim or Goulimine was the point of meeting and departure caravans came to stop and sell or trade their goods. Today Goulimine is a modern city but the oasis of Tighmert keeps all its perfume of yesteryear.A museum with dozens of ancient Amazigh nomadic tools, a palm grove of more

L'Espagne recrute et offre visa et billets, Une surprise de taille, il y a peu de temps l4espagne subissait la crise et leurs ressortissants migrent vers le Maroc ou l'Europe a la recherche du travail,.Aujourd'hui, l'Espagne sur un site officielle Espagnol propose le vias et bilets de transports , on parle de plus de 300 milles postes

la guerre entre clan a commencÚ pour deblayer la piste qui menera au poste de president apres Bouteflika
the new warplanes
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These military jewels are worth billions, are invulnerable sow death in their passage and the desolation to whom in spite of their invaluable treasure can not buy them the price of a single plane can be worth the equivalent of the annual harvest of a leading African country in agriculture

High Atlas Taskiwine dance (Unesco)
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>Taskiwine dance is practiced by a lot of tribes in the Moroccan AtlasGlobalization,
sedentarisation and modern music that attracts young people have almost erased this ancestral
dance, which is why Unesco intervened to ensure its perpetuity

Agadir,privileged space to discover and visit IGOUDARS
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IGOUDARS, ancient Amazigh ancestral granaries which served for the protection of the grains and properties of the tribune, these igoudars today continue to honor the genius and culture Amazaigh despite the bad intentions of the pseudo historians who seek to denude the Berber of his past and his history

strategy of agriculture in Morocco
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Morocco is a leader in the production of citrus fruits. Nearly 600 000 tonnes per year or about 54 percent of our production comes from the southern region Agadir and about The drought and the sometimes exagerant temperatures in August September are fought by the drilling of the wells in abundance and the greenhouse culture
Morocco positions itself in the global industry
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Morocco has acquired in a few years an important place in the car manufacturing and thus becomes a major player in the automotive industry worldwide, Morocco aims to detonate South Africa to become the continental leader Auto production reached more than 376,000 units in 2017 and is constantly on the rise.

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Democracy prevents the institute of nations from promoting peace among peoples. The case of southern Sahara Morocco is a striking example, a paradox that has lasted for over 40 years and is likely to continue. Why opt for the extension of Minurso when it is empossible to arrive at a solution other than that proposed by Morocco? and, if Morocco passes the Israeli scenario and applies it refusing any ingerance in its territorial space

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the fishing industry in Morocco
The fishery processing and processing industry occupies a privileged place in the Moroccan economy, providing 50% of agri-food exports and 12% of Morocco's total exports. This industry processes about 70% of the coastal fisheries catch and exports about 85% of its production to about 100 countries in the five continents. In 2012, this industry achieved an export tonnage of 471,249 tonnes for a value of 13.23 billion Dirhams. Morocco is now an essential regional platform for the valorization and export of fishery products. The fishing industries sector includes canned fish, semi-preserved fish, export packaging of fresh seafood, freezing, flour and fish oil manufacturing and seaweed treatment

C'est peut etre la peur de l'Iran qui accentue le rapprochement entre Arabes et Israeliens.Les visites et invitaiobns se succedent et la cooperation bat son plein