in the face of the billions that America distributes to other
countries as aid, it may be said that America is the mother of the world

America give the babay bottle to a lot of country
mustapha elamiri

In 2018, a dozen countries are on the list to share the Amaeicain magot whose total sum exceeds 35 billion dollars. In fact, America has always submitted countries to bottle-fed to ensure their fidelity and discipline. Israel and Egypt at the top peak with thousands of billions followed by: Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambya, Pakistan etc.
In principle it is the money of the American people hijacked to corrupt the heads of state and domesticate them. This fabulous treasure offered to others is not the only way to buy irresponsible, the silence on the atrocities committed and the disrespect of the rights of citizens is also a way to put pressure on the leaders and make them docile

mimouni in america

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